TAO Executive Director is part of 2023 Listees of Kindness & Leadership, 50 Leading Lights
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head shot of Ar. Arlene Lusterio as part of 2023 ListeeOur very own Executive Director, Ar. Arlene Christy D. Lusterio is part of the 2023 Listees of Kindness & Leadership, 50 Leading Lights. This campaign seeks to shine a great big spotlight on leaders who are impacting others through #kindness. This unique initiative sponsored by @Asia Square, showcases 50 amazing individuals from different industries across the Asia Pacific region that are positively contributing to the businesses, economy, and broader society.

Here’s an excerpt of her testimonial on the relevance of kindness to effective leadership:

“An effective leader must have the ability to connect and feel the situation of her people. This is empathy. However, empathy is dead if it does not translate to concrete actions, actions that respond to needs and suffering, and this is kindness. Kindness is more than just giving, it is sincerely extending yourself or sharing to others in whatever way you can from your heart.”

Read the full testimonials and other 2023 Listees in this link: https://www.kindnessrules.co.uk/sea-our-candidate/2023/

Watch her video here

To know more about the campaign follow the campaign on FB: @Kindnessrules2022 and on IG: @Kindnessrules_

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