In order to provide a holistic approach in realizing its goals, among other things, TAO-Pilipinas links up with network partners from different disciplines that share its vision and aspirations in developing inclusive and sustainable communities. Presently, we are affiliated with the following networks:

Partnership of Philippine Support Service Agencies (PHILSSA)

PHILSSA is a non-stock service network comprising over 60 partner NGOs engaged in various fields of development service in urban centers from all over the Philippines. The partnership network works towards sustainable development and empowerment of urban sectors, such as informal settler families (ISFs), labor force, youth, women, children, and development workers themselves. TAO has been a part of PHILSSA since 2006.

Philippines Misereor Partnership, Inc. (PMPI)

PMPI is a social development and advocacy network comprising over 250 church/faith-based groups, NGOs, and people’s organizations from all over the Philippines. It works in partnership with Misereor, the social development arm of the German Bishops based in Aachen, Germany.

Community Architects Network (CAN)

CAN is a regional network of community architects, planners, engineers, young professionals, lecturers, and academic institutes in Asian countries. The network was established in 2010 and has been supporting community-led projects on housing, city-wide upgrading, and disaster recovery. The network believes in the role of community architects to build the capacity of people through participatory design and planning processes.