Our Services

People's Planning & Shelter Assistance

TAO-Pilipinas takes the participatory approach to community development planning, using methodologies and tools that strongly engage the community in the planning process. Read More

Professional/ Consultancy Services

Our interdisciplinary team at TAO-Pilipinas delivers professional and consultancy services in the fields of architecture, engineering and environmental planning. Read More

Capability Building/ Training

TAO-Pilipinas implements capability-building programs that facilitate technical knowledge transfer and information sharing to guide communities in making informed decisions. Read More

Post Disaster Rehabilitation

Since 2006, TAO has partnered with humanitarian actors to deliver timely and effective shelter assistance in post-disaster situations. Read More

Research, Publications & Advocacy

TAO-Pilipinas undertakes research and develops publications to build awareness, guide community action, and share learning on sustainable human settlements development. Read More

Young Professionals Formation

TAO-Pilipinas provides venues for young architects, engineers and planners to engage in social housing and community development work. Read More

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