About Us

TAO (Technical Assistance Organization) Pilipinas, Inc. is a women-led, non-stock, non-profit, non-government association that assists urban and rural poor communities in the physical planning, development, and management of their communities. It was started in 2001 by a multidisciplinary group of individuals who wanted to have a socially-responsive professional practice.

Our core values are integrity, commitment, professionalism, and respect for diversity.


TAO-Pilipinas envisions the development of sustainable human settlements that is inclusive, people-centered, environment-friendly, and promotes equitable distribution of and access to resources.


TAO-Pilipinas commits to the fulfillment of the following roles:

  • Promotion of participatory human settlements, planning, design, development, and management;
  • Enhancement of technical knowledge and skills among stakeholders in sustainable human settlements development especially the urban poor; and
  • Planning, design and development of sustainable settlements, and disaster and climate resilient shelter for disaster-affected communities


TAO-Pilipinas aims to help bring about improved living and housing situation and increased disaster and climate resilience of the poor and vulnerable, consistent with the Rights of Nature framework.


TAO-Pilipinas targets to achieve the development of sustainable human settlements by extending support in the form of direct technical assistance, capability-building, research, and networking. The following are its objectives:

  • Strengthened community capability to participate and negotiate in processes to acquire security of tenure and establish safe and sustainable settlements
  • Improved access to gender-responsive technical assistance and financial resources for poor and vulnerable communities
  • Increased community access to knowledge and information leading to low carbon community-managed development
  • Increased awareness on heritage conservation through research and education

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